Why an elephant?

The universally worshipped elephant inspired us to create the ultimate snack food for life in the urban jungle. Protective, wise, loyal and loveable, we felt that the elephant summed up what we aspired to be as a brand. And we’re pretty certain that if elephants had hands, they’d love eating Elephant Food snack mixes, too.

What is Elephant Food?

Elephant Food is a range of snack mixes, which combine superfood goodness with tonnes of taste and texture. We’ve gone to the ends of the Earth (literally) to find the tastiest and hardest working ingredients and created a snack food that delivers energy, vitality and immunity, while tasting amazing. We help you brave the urban jungle.

What’s so special about it?

When you’re on the go, the usual, easily available snack options tend to be sugary, fatty and processed. Elephant Food snack mixes are the natural heroes of the snack aisle, bringing you tasty, healthy filling snacks that give you nothing to feel guilty about and everything to feel good about.

Why are Elephant Food snack mixes so good for me?

We’ve worked with Dr. Morgaine Gaye, a leading food futurologist, to create balanced and exciting snack mixes that deliver real nourishment and lasting goodness, as well as tasting amazing. There are no preservatives, nasties or empty calories in Elephant Food mixes – just the power of specially selected superfoods in the most raw form possible.

Is it low fat?

Our snacks are not low-fat foods, being rich in essential omega fatty acids from ingredients such as nuts.

How do I eat it?

Elephant Food snack mixes are designed to be eaten on the go, straight from the bag. But don’t let that limit you: sprinkle it on cereal or yoghurt, enjoy it at your desk or at home from a bowl if you’re feeling fancy, or invent your own twist.

I’m allergic to nuts – can I eat it?

All of our current line contains nuts, so we’re afraid it’s a no, if you’re allergic.

Is it organic?

Where possible, we source organic ingredients for optimum taste and goodness. You’ll find the details of these on the product packs and in the ingredient links on the product page.

Where can I buy it?

Currently you can buy Elephant Food snack mixes direct from our Amazon site, and in Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic and independent health food shops. If you’d like your local supermarket to stock it, be sure to let them and us know!