Nuttin’ But Energy Raw Truffle Recipe


• 1 Cup Raw Organic Cacao Powder – We use The Raw Chocolate Co. 

• 1 Cup Agave Syrup – We use Groovy Food Agave Nectar

• 1/2 Cup Coconut Butter/Oil – We use Lucy Bee Coconut Oil (Melted)

• 100g Pack Elephant Superfood Nuttin’ But Energy


1. Blend all mixtures together and pour into a tub or bowl.

2. Place in fridge to set for 5hours (Then you have Nutella)

3. Scoop out with teaspoon and form into small balls.

4. Roll in Cacao Powder, refrigerate and allow to set again.

5. Serve from fridge or freezer.

These little babies are a great healthy treat for everyone, they taste so good and you don’t have to feel guilty afterwards!

Raw Truffles