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Cacao Nibs Great for Mind Body and Taste Buds!

Who isn’t looking for a way to enjoy chocolate but with added health benefits and fewer calories? That’s why cacao nibs were invented. Although we are still searching for a way to get rock hard abs by watching The Great British Bake off with a huge multi pack of pistachios, we want to tell everyone we know about cacao nibs and their amazing super food goodness.

Raw Cacao Nibs Find Them In Nuttin' But Energy

Wait, is it Cocoa or Cacao?

Cacao nibs are parts of the cacao bean that is usually used to make chocolate.Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs

Cocoa usually refers to the roasted end product, and cacao refers to the bean that comes from the cacao tree. Most people use them interchangeably!

Cacao nibs are roasted, separated from their husks and broken into smaller pieces. This isn’t the same as hot cocoa your grandma has before bed either….Cacao in it’s unrefined, raw form has a nutty, strong flavour with a nod in the taste buds to it’s almost-as-healthy cousin, 70% plus dark chocolate. If you haven’t tried cacao nibs yet – where have you been? Here are some of the biggest health benefits of these little Superfoods.   

Great for the mind

We all know the jokes about chocolate and mood “today’s mood = must have chocolate!” and some of us (at least in the office) know how hard it is to quit chocolate completely. Whilst chocolate has antioxidant benefits, the sugar and fat added make it a harder to justify as a healthy choice!

Cacao nibs on the other hand give you the same benefits as some good quality dark chocolate, without any of the extra calories. The phenylethylamine content and effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain after consuming a phenylethylamine high food are known to mimic euphoria and a state of alertness. Anandamide is a lipid compound in the structure of cacao nib, which has a shared active ingredient with marijuana making it 100% legal, but 100% feel good too.

Great for the body

You know how great antioxidants are? Well cacao nibs have them in spades. Because of the raw value of the beans, all the benefits of the free radical absorption is passed direct to you.

DNA damage, premature ageing and even cancers can all be slowed by consumption of antioxidants and when it comes to getting antioxidants into your body, your leafy greens are a great bet, or certain teas.  However, cacao beans, because they are eaten raw and have a less refined state are an excellent source of free radical fighting properties but are also delicious! You may not know that cacao nibs are also rich in flavonoids, another free radical fighting ingredient. Flavanoid rich foods are key in fighting cardiovascular issues with studies showing that under 10g of cacao powder can cause ‘significant’ reductions in artery vasodilation – so get stuck in!

Great for your diet

As well as the long-term health benefits of cacao nibs with their antioxidant properties mentioned, there are also instant benefits. The fibre in a single ounce serving of cacao nibs is nearly 10 grams. Fibre is crucial for a healthy gut and blood pressure level. As well as letting everything run smoothly down below, fibre is also proven to control blood pressure. The alkaline minerals like magnesium and potassium in the cacao nibs can also work towards a better blood pressure level, as well as providing additional benefits such as improved muscle function and a reduced chance digestive disorders or a stroke. Cacao nibs are wheat-free, do not naturally contain gluten and are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Great for the chef in you

The flavour is often described as slightly nutty with a chocolate ‘background’ flavour. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Snickers bar you’ll know that this flavour is rather enjoyable! There are plenty of recipes for cacao nibs around, all because they are healthy, but can make healthier cleaner dietary choices easier – if you’ve yet to embrace kale or spirulina, a cacao nib is the ideal ‘gateway’’ to a cleaner diet!

Take a look at our devine Nuttin’ But Energy Raw Truffle Recipe, or simply fold them into ice Click here for our devine Nuttin’ But Energy Raw Truffle Recipecream, devour them on pancakes, add them to your granola or blend into a morning smoothie (we rate a banana, almond milk, cacao and date blend for the perfect ‘this should be desert’ breakfast.  The possibilities are endless!

If you would like to see a recipe, or know more about the benefits of cacao nibs, why not ask us on Facebook or Twitter?

We’d be happy to share some nib knowledge with you!

The Secret Superfood: Bee Pollen

Have you heard of bee pollen yet? 

Created by flowers, bee pollen is the diet of any respectable young bee, and with a protein count of 25% per serving, it’s surely no wonder that bees have the energy to bumble from picnic to picnic.

But what about using Bee Pollen in your own diet – what are the benefits?

Here at Elephant Superfood we are always looking for new exciting ways to invigorate our diets, and bee pollen has been the latest ‘buzz’ word in the office. So why is it so great?

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Naturally Great For Your Body

With 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 25 minerals, 59 trace elements, 11 enzymes as well as added carotenes and B complex vitamins, we are in no doubt that even from a glance, this superfood is incredibly powerful for healing and helping your body. But what do the studies show?

Bee pollen has been subjected to a huge range of clinical studies that show it can do all sorts of wonder work. It can regulate the intestinal functions and it can naturally inhibit the development of harmful bacteria – even salmonella. When tested with animals, it has shown that eating the pollen even goes as far as helping increase white and red blood cells, an indication it can help with anaemia. Whilst many of the proposed benefits are still in clinical trial stage, (including work on serious illnesses) the bottom line is that as a natural product, Bee Pollen is an excellent alternative medicine to use.

Great for your Diet

As well as been reported to help regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and dropping triglyceride levels, bee pollen has also been shown to speed up the rate of calorie burn! A great calorie burning body needs a metabolic system that is on fire, and bee pollen can help with this. Whilst it doesn’t mean you can skip the gym and tuck into a pack of Elephant Superfood Snacks – See the full range!, every little helps! It’s also low in calories with 2 tablespoons amounting to under 100 calories, and the phenylalanine content makes it one of nature’s appetite suppressants. Plus with just under a quarter of its content made from lecithin, a substance that is known to help flush fat from the body, it’s no wonder that bee pollen is so popular with people who are looking to get a little leaner, without resorting to strange chemicals.

If you’re also training for a body beautiful as well as eating clean, you could also benefit from adding in some bee pollen! Olympic level coaches and athletic clubs have been using bee pollen for years, all with impressive reports of improved strength and capabilities on the track after using bee pollen supplements – so have a spoonful – you never know, you could be the next Usain Bolt in waiting!Top athletes use bee pollen

Perfect for Your Skin

Everybody wants glowing skin that’s lit from within, and bee pollen can also be used not only orally, but it can be added to lotions for an instant hydrating effect.  Whilst there are many hive products on the beauty market, bee pollen in particular has been noted for its effect on dry skin tissue and acne. Because of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA in the pollen at a very high concentration, as well as the antibiotic properties, it can be very beneficial in the fight against slow skin cell turnover and prevent bacteria from spreading. The real key principle of bee pollen is that it is nutrient dense, and nutrient provision is where you will get real results fromVictoria Beckham loves the benefits of bee pollen your skincare. With Victoria Beckham a fan of the benefits, Bee pollen is a hot superfood right now – are you going to try it out?

Are you interested in the superfood benefits of bee pollen? We’ve summarised just a little bit about what we know from this marvellous superfood, but we would love to tell you more about the buzz around bee pollen and the other superfoods we use in our snack mixes so why not connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.