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Why Elephant Food?

  • Elephant Food founder Paul McHenry explains how a little idea became an on-the-go snack with mammoth amounts of flavour... I’m a busy dad and a bit of a fitness fan to boot, so I’m active. And when you’re on the go, you get peckish. But I was starting to get frustrated with the health snacks on offer. If I wanted to grab something nutritious and tasty to fuel up on, the options on the shop shelves were a bit limited. ‘Healthy’ cereal bars packed with hidden sugar, or fruit ones that are flavourless mush… Sound familiar? Well, I reckon we deserve something better.
  • So I got thinking about superfoods, wondering how they could be mixed and matched to deliver real nourishment and amazing health benefits, as well as packing a big punch on the tastebuds. To be honest, it became a bit of an obsession: I did tons of research from the kitchen table, testing out combinations and travelling the world to find the best quality, all-natural ingredients from ethical suppliers.
  • Then I consulted food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye to help me find the most tasty combinations known to man. And it’s those combinations that eventually became the Elephant Food snack mixes you can enjoy today. From little idea to great handpicked ingredients from around the world, to an Elephant Food pack of happy goodness, our snack mixes are made with loads of love, an obsession with quality and absolutely no compromises.
  • Whether it’s sourcing all-natural, juice-sweetened cranberries in Winsconsin, USA (rather than ones that have had sugar added—you’d be surprised how many do!) for your Coco Chomp Charge, or hunting in the Ningxia region in China for goji berries with no sulphur dioxide nasties on them for your Brilliant Berry Boost.. my quest for giving you the best just won’t stop. It’s a jungle out there.
  • We work hard and play hard, so we deserve something delicious and powerfully nutritious, that’ll make us feel great in every way. Why compromise?
The Story